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Adalie Harrison

“Coming into high school I dreamt of playing at the college level. However, it was not until I met my mentor and friend, Coach T, that my potential truly began to bloom. Coach T took me under his wing and became both a mentor and friend to me.

With Coach T’s unwavering support and guidance, I underwent rigorous training, honing skills on and off the court. Coach T constantly pushed me to my limits, instilling confidence and teaching valuable lessons about teamwork, strategy, and resilience. Through countless hours of practice and competition, my talent grew, and my dream of playing college basketball turned into reality.

Coach T showed his support and belief in me on and off the court every day. He showed up for all the big and little achievements in my life. Today, Coach T and I still maintain our bond, reflecting on the journey that brought us both success and forging a friendship that will last a lifetime.”
Adalie Harrison- East Rowan HS- Lenoir Rhyne University

Daquarius Foggie

“When I first started working with Coach T, probably about my freshman year, from day one I knew he was crazy about basketball as much as me. Overall though, working out with Coach T, I learned a lot. I just say leadership uh putting your team first so it's, a lot I, I can't even. Coach T knows man, but over time Coach T, used to always tell me don't do that, let somebody else to do it, do something else. So once he started doing that, I kind of already figured like, oh yeah he want me to be a, you know, a top dog.”
Daquarius Foggie- A.L. Brown HS

Mariana Zapata

“I want tell you guys a little bit about what Coach T has done for me and has changed me. Not only has he helped me with basketball, but he also made me realize that you have to have a great attitude and a positive mindset. He also taught me to be positive about everything and not to give up on what you are working for. And that has helped my not only become a better basketball player, but also a better person, and I thank him for that.”
Mariana Zapata- Salisbury HS

Marshall Overcash

“From my fifth-grade year to my eighth-grade year, Coach T was my basketball coach and so I got to spend a lot of time with him, and it was a really great time I've had a lot of coaches over the years just throughout middle school and high school and the one that I keep coming back to is Coach T.

He does this with all his players, he develops a great relationship with them. Just the energy that he's able to bring into a room, like brightening young kids’ day, it’s really awesome to watch. I mean the way that he interacts with everyone, he just has a really special gift of just being able to I mean bring motivation, bring energy.

Even to this day I still love coming back to Salisbury and doing some camps with Coach T, doing some clinics with him, just being able to spend time in the gym with him and watch him interact with everyone, it's really an awesome thing to see.

Coach T has been more than just a coach he's also been a mentor to me um just being able to grow up around him, you know like I said just seeing him interact with all these kids um it's something that I really strive to emulate that positive attitude, but also that hard work ethic. The way Coach T just kind of commands the crowd, keeps the energy high, he truly has a gift in doing it.

I think Coach T has just been a great person to have in my life, you know teaching me life lessons showing me how to grow as a character, as a person, but also just helping me develop my basketball game. He's really been a great friend great mentor and I really love him for that.”
Marshall Overcash-
Salisbury Academy- Gray Stone Day School – University of South Carolina

Evan Barber

“Coach T has taught me great and valuable life lessons and Real-World skills that you need to succeed in life. Two of those that I can think are right off the top of my head are leadership and communication. Obviously, those do translate over to the basketball court and that's how he did teach me those, he taught me them through basketball. But whether it be a school project or something at your job, you need those leadership and communication skills to be able to lead and communicate with the people you're working with. And when you can do that really well, it just all works out in the long run and everything's just easier.

Evan Barber-
Gray Stone Day School

Emma Cornelison

“JLT Fieldhouse really changed my life. I went in for help with basketball once a week and I left the gym with a life lesson every time. I have learned new skills from communication all the way to self-discipline. You meet new friends and new connections every day as well as having fun and learning new skills. Coach T makes each lesson different from the others as well as spending one-on-one time with you for what you need to work on, while making it fun at the same time. If you have the love for basketball go join JLT Fieldhouse! Coach T is determined to make you better and believes in you every step of the way.”
Emma Cornelison-
Erwin MS- East Rowan HS- Auburn University

Corbin Barber

“I've been with JLT Fieldhouse for about five years now, and I wanted to give back Coach T the way he's given to me. I want to not only represent my school at JLT Fieldhouse, but JLT Fieldhouse at my school through my senior project. Coach T has been an amazing coach for me and I hope that I can be just as good of a coach as he was for these younger kids in the program.”
Corbin Barber-
Gray Stone Day School- High Point University

Jalen Smith

“During my time with Coach T, I've come to realize that basketball is so much more than just honing your skills on the court. It's about being a true team leader and player, and I've learned this valuable lesson firsthand. As a team leader/player, it's not about seeking personal glory but rather being unselfish and making those open passes to your teammates, even if it means forgoing the opportunity to take an easy shot and make yourself look good.

But being a team leader/player goes beyond just making smart plays. It means taking on the responsibility of encouraging your teammates. Effective communication becomes paramount in this role. You need to establish a strong connection with your teammates, letting them know when they've made a mistake and providing them with constructive feedback on how to rectify it. It's also about being there for them, helping to boost their confidence when they're feeling down and resolving any issues that arise on the court.

Being with Coach T for the past seven years has been a transformative experience for me. Not only is Coach T an exceptional coach, but he's also been an incredible mentor to me. He's always there when I need someone to lean on, offering guidance and support not only in basketball but in other aspects of life as well. Whether I needed advice on school matters or was dealing with family issues, Coach T has always been willing to lend an ear and provide invaluable insight. His positive attitude is contagious, and I genuinely consider him to be like family.

I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Coach T for everything he's done for me since the day I first stepped onto the court. He has shown me the ropes and mentored me in numerous ways. I can confidently say that he's the best coach I've ever had, and I will always remember the lessons and memories I've gained under his guidance. I am eternally grateful and have no regrets about the time I've spent with Coach T. Thank you, Coach T, for everything.”

Jalen Smith-
North Rowan MS- North Rowan HS- UNC Charlotte

Brady Vallance

“Working with Coach T has been a transformative experience for me, both on and off the court. I vividly recall a moment when Coach T called me out in front of everyone. While I couldn't pinpoint the exact incident, I knew it was a pivotal moment. At first, I felt anger and a tinge of embarrassment, but it didn't take long for me to realize that his intention was not to humiliate but to make me a better player and, more importantly, a better person.

I had been displaying poor leadership skills and a negative attitude towards my teammates. My ego was preventing me from reaching my full potential. Coach T's intervention served as a humbling experience that I needed. It made me reflect on my actions, and I am grateful for that wake-up call. Coach T's commitment to my growth transcends basketball; he genuinely cares about my well-being outside the court.

Our relationship goes beyond the typical coach-player dynamic because Coach T never imposes limits on what I can achieve. In an environment where insecurities and jealousy can thrive, Coach T stands out by fostering a positive, limitless mindset. Despite facing setbacks related to my size, Coach T has never once suggested that something is out of reach for me. Our bond is built on trust, respect, and a shared belief in my potential.

Coach T's simple yet impactful gestures, like starting our sessions with a genuine "how's it going," create a positive atmosphere. It's evident that he understands the significance of the small things in shaping someone's day. I value our relationship not just for the basketball skills I've gained but for the mentorship that extends far beyond the court.”
Brady Vallance-
Clemmons Elementary- South Davie Middle- Davie County HS

Jenna Wheeler

“Coach T is basically like my life coach and when I need advice or basically anything now, I just go to him.” Jenna Wheeler-
West Rowan MS- West Rowan High School

Wesley Ludwig

“Coach T is a really good Coach. He brings out the best in me. I don't look at Coach T as just my coach, but I also consider him a friend that I can go to when I have a problem. I have worked with several coaches, but Coach T is the one that always makes sure we work as a team. He has always taught us to put our team before ourselves and that is why we play so well together.”
Wesley Ludwig-
North Hills Christian – Faith Academy

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