Welcome to Coach T’s Corner®

Coach T’s Corner® is designed to educate, motivate and support our future leaders of tomorrow. It evolved from our nonprofit organization, JLT Fieldhouse, Inc. After seeing the kids grow just as much from the coaching and mentoring on their basketball training, it was a natural transition for me, as the mission statement for JLT Fieldhouse is “Coaching and Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow”.

Educating, motivating, and supporting are for personal growth and development and personal relationship development. I offer online courses, multi-week courses, and one on one coaching in developmental areas such as accountability, personal responsibility, leadership, short-term goal setting, long-term goal setting, safe social media practices, and many topics covering communication.

I assess and implement the appropriate solution using my S.E.A. of Success Program®. The Simplicity, Effort, and Attitude of Success. Results can be seen in as little as 60 days.

I am here for middle and high school students, parents of teens and the teachers empowered to prepare them!

“I Provide Enhancements That Changes Lives.”

S.E.A. Of Success
Simplicity Effort Attitude
Ultimate Guide to Success

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