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Strengthening Your Relationship with Your Child
In my research in putting some of these courses together, I came across some interesting and helpful information on parent/child relationships. I thought these may help those of you that may be having communication, respect or other concerns. Some of these may seem like obvious solutions, but sometimes it is seeing it that helps.

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Thriving Athletes

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Helping teens find their true north and follow it through their words and actions, to create a more loving, accepting, responsible and committed adult who has the power to ensure their future success and heal our world.


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Your Best Life by Samantha

Are your career, family time and social interactions limited based on fear and shame around your digestive disorders? In my program, we will apply the knowledge I gained from researching health and wellness.

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Communication, emotional intelligence (EQ), professionalism, critical thinking, and other skills are essential to master for your success at school, at work, and in life..

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