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Welcome to the Parent Resource Hub here at Coach T’s Corner®! This dedicated space is all about empowering you, the parents, on your journey of supporting your children’s personal growth and development. We’ve curated a treasure trove of resources to make your parenting adventure a fulfilling and informed one.

Dive into insightful articles covering topics like nurturing confidence in your little ones, fostering healthy eating habits, and building positive relationships with your kids. Our handy guides offer practical advice on essential parenting aspects, from effective discipline strategies to honing communication skills and managing stress in the busy world of parenting.

But that’s not all – we’ve got engaging videos and podcasts featuring experts in child development and parenting, providing you with valuable insights and perspectives. And because community matters, find links to online groups, educational apps for your kids, and local parenting support services. We’re not just a resource hub; we’re your partner in the incredible journey of raising remarkable individuals.

Explore, learn, and thrive together with Coach T’s Parent Resource Hub – where parenting wisdom meets practical guidance!

In the Spotlight: 

Coach T’s MVP’s in Youth Personal Growth and Development

At Coach T’s Corner®, we believe in the power of expert guidance to foster youth success. Our ‘In the Spotlight’ section showcases top professionals in personal growth and development, whom I’ve had the pleasure interviewing on Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders with Coach T podcast,  who are dedicated to empowering the next generation. Learn more about their insights, expertise, and how they are making a positive impact in the lives of young individuals.

Aliesha Embleton

Aliesha Embleton
Child Development Coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker, trainer, and mentor,.

Aliesha provides a customized, individual approach into new ways of childhood lifestyle development, which will help you realize your child’s full potential. She supports the development of critical skills in people early in their lives so that they are set up for future success.

From Seed to Sapling
Kathleen Brigham

Educator, Parent Advisor, Mediator and Mother

Founded in 2020 by Kathleen Brigham, Brigham Learning employs 35+ leading learning specialists to support families in NYC, Westchester County, NY., Fairfield County, CT., Bergen County, NJ. and beyond. With subject-based tutoring, learning assessments, academic coaching, and parental support, we’re an integrated learning community that nurtures students from pre-kindergarten through college.

Brigham Learning & Advising
Dr. Shelby Kretz

Making it easy to learn about social justice.

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan-
Founder and CEO of LifeStream Digital

“Our mission is to embrace individuality as our driving force, empowering people to harness their unique value through state-of-the-art technology. Our innovative platform revolutionizes the high school, college, and job application experience, streamlining an authentic, holistic evaluation process to improve and simplify the journey for all.”

Anna Scoby

Anna Scoby
An award-winning speaker, communication coach, and the founder of Project Be You, a non-profit organization.

A while back, as a mother of two, I was faced with the challenge of finding a place that focused on developing a child’s communication skills with no luck. To fill the gap, I started classes, and over time they became – Project Be You.

As a communication coach, I specialize in taking away the intimidating factors of public speaking. I teach public speaking engagingly and encouragingly to achieve the desired results.

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