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Six Week Course



This extended course will challenge, but empower you to success! The six weeks cover;
Character Building, Positive & Negative Impacts of Social Media10 Skills That
You Need To Learn, Peer Pressure, Real Sexting Horror Stories and we end on a
positive and high note with Motivation!

Each of the weeks applies the S.E.A. of SUCCESS, which include leadership skills, personal awareness, self awareness and building strong mental health.

Week One
Character Building Lesson
“The Power of Character”
Character Traits For Success Lesson
“Character Building – Motivational”
30Day Gratitude Challenge

Week Two
Positive & Negative Impacts of Social Media Lesson
“Pro athletes’ offensive tweets are resurfacing”
“Teen girls open up about the ‘constant pressure’ of social media”
7 Day Digital Detox
SM & Your Personal Info or P.I.I. Lesson
30Day Gratitude Challenge

Week Three
10 Skills That You Need To Learn Lesson
Conflict Resolution Lesson
Conflict Resolution Scenarios
30Day Gratitude Challenge

Week Four
Peer Pressure Lesson
Peer Pressure Scenarios
Secret to Fighting Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure Scenarios #2
30Day Gratitude Challenge

Week Five
Real Sexting Horror Stories
“Do You Really Know Who You Are Online With? Think Again
“Sextortion Becoming a National Trend”
7 Day Detox Follow Up
Sexting Lesson
“Cyber Attraction: A Short Film”
“Teen Sexting: The Legal Consequences”
Sexting Horror Stories

Week Six
Cyber Bullying Lesson
“Bullying leads to daughter’s suicide”
Bullying Worksheet
Six Week Course Exam
“Make An Impact”
“Change Your Life”
“20 Principles You Should Live By “


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